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Xues are detachable and adjustable straps that attach to the XUBZ Functional Neckwear.
At each end of the straps are clips.
On one end there is a side-release "clip"
(where they attach to the XUBZ)...
...and on the other end of the strap is a suspender-type "grip".
The assembly, consisting of a clip, a strap, and a grip is called a "Xue" (pronounced: shoe) accessory.
The grips are used to secure the XUBZ to the wearers garment, preventing it from flopping forward and blowing in the wind.
For those people who like to wear the XUBZ with its pockets facing out, Xue Holes - bound button holes, sewn into the XUBZ - allow the wearer to thread the Xues accessories through the fabric, to the other side of the XUBZ.
XUBZ is reversible so you can wear the pockets in or out.
Xues accessories may be purchased separately in various colors and fabrics, permitting the wearer to further customize his or her XUBZ.
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